Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Darkness wrapped around me and my little cruiser as I headed for home. I'd been on the road for a good long while, and my sleep-resistance was wearing out. Rain spattered on the windshield, Wintley Phipps sang on the stereo, and I stared vacantly at the never-ending road passing beneath my car.

The time was 11:20.

It had been a long day, and I was anxious to get home, which was probably the reason for my higher speeds. The roads hadn't been plowed, and I'd never driven in 5 inches of snow before, but I'm invincible right? Nothing's going to happen...

I passed a familiar driveway with a vindiction of "You'd better be asleep" on those who lived on it, and sped my way up the road. I was on home turf, I was okay.....

I came around that corner a little too fast maybe. I could've slowed down. But I didn't. And I hit that patch of extra deep snow alot faster than I should've.

The back of my car fishtailed slightly, and I over-corrected... Soon I was swinging all over the road and I had absolutely no control over my little car. I turned the wheel and pressed the brake, which sent me sliding across the road toward a drop off. I knew it was there... and I knew what would happen if I went over. A 20 foot roll to the bottom...and who knew if I'd ever make it out.

A gasp from my heart through my mouth... "God help me!" And the car suddenly, for no explanation, stopped... Just shy of the drop off. I sat in my car, unable to move. The realization of what had just happened seemed to seep into my entire being.... I was still alive for a reason.

I walked into work this morning with the distinct feeling that I was a walking miracle. There was no reason for me to be alive, excepting that God had saved me for a purpose. I still have something left to do in this world, no matter what it be...

You too, are a walking miracle. We all are. Is God saving you for something special?

Go forth on the rest of your day with your head held high, like I will....

And bask in the realization of the miracle that is YOU.

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  1. You have been my miracle since the day you were born. He does have a special purpose for you, today, and every day!