Monday, August 11, 2014

Berry-picking with Jesus

Tiny child, tall adult.

Long, dusty road. Hot sun. Blue sky.

Two empty buckets.

Just off, and the little one says, "I forgot my visor. It's bright."

A pause. "Should we go back and get it? You might want it," the leader asks.

"No, let's not."

So they continue.

Halfway to the destination, we hear it. "I'm tired now. Are we there yet?"

"No, not yet. You can do it."

Energy bounds forth again; but saps like an ebbing tide. Soon, the little hand clasps the large one, and even drags.

"Why are we going so far? I see berries right there."

"We're going to go to the end of the road and then work back. That'll be easier."

"I'm tired. Can you carry me?"

"Will you get on my back?"

"No, I don't want to."

"Yes, yes; that will be easiest. Come now."

The little one climbs aboard and the dusty minutes tick by again. Little head slumps against strong shoulders.

"Here we are. Jump down."

All the energy bubbles forth again. To the bushes.

Some minutes later, the little voice calls out. "I'm so hot. I want to go back."

"But we just got here. We can keep picking."

"I'm getting sunburned."

"No, I don't think so. It's hot, but you haven't been out long enough to burn."

"Yes, I feel like I'm burning. Please let's go back. I'm done."

"Not yet."


"Are you picking berries?"


"Why don't I see any in your bucket?"


"Your berries you're picking. Where are they going?"

"I don't know," the purple-stained lips reply.


"I need to go to the bathroom. Let's go back."

"Are we finished?"

"I'm tired."

And yet, the leader picks on, mostly filling the bucket before turning toward home. The little one is sent ahead, alone, while the leader picks some more, all the while keeping a close eye on the tiny feet and tired arms. Finally, in a few quick steps, the gap closes and the hands join, and they go on.

Tiny child. Tall adult.

Long, dusty road. Hot sun. Blue sky.

One empty bucket. One full bucket.

And the announcement upon return? "I went berry-picking with Heidi!"

Or, even more tellingly, "I've been berry-picking with Jesus!"

How much I have to learn..........

Photo is not mine.