Monday, March 16, 2015

When one hangs on

I've never so understood the power of one as yesterday.

Rain poured on the windshield as my little cruiser picked its way through traffic. Lively and animated discussion came from the backseat and bounced around up front. A sunset began to glow on the horizon behind us. Almost out of Spokane: it's about time.

And then something very near my place in the driver's side started to thump. Quietly, then louder and louder.

"What's that?"

"I have no idea." I slowed down, pulling over a bit, hoping that the sound would just go away. It didn't.

"It sounds like a flat." Jessica nodded.

I grimaced. I don't want or need a flat. How on earth!

I flicked the hazard lights on, trying to get off the hill to a level place to check things out.

"Is the car pulling you around?" Kezzia asked.


"Oh. Well, it can't be a flat then."

"Is your tire loose? It could be a loose tire."

We made it to a little pullout in a few moments. The little ratchet came out of the trunk and I took the hub cap off the front left wheel. Four out of five of the lug nuts were so loose I could turn them with my fingers, easily.

It was a simple fix. We got back on our way in a few minutes, having pounded those lug nuts into position. As I pulled back onto the road, I found myself very thankful: thankful for God's protection--and for that one that had hung in there and kept my tire on.

All it took was one. One kept the wheel on and overted a potential catastrophe.

But, by the same token, that one could've been the entire cause of that same catastrophe.

You are one. Hang in there.

Christ was one. He hung in there for you.

Keep holding on. Never underestimate the power of one.